Boy Kicks Girl

It’s no secret that Brett is a drummer. It’s a hard known fact that he tore it up every Sunday morning in the First Baptist Church Youth Music Band, while finishing off a chocolate glazed donut.

But….what may not be as well known is his drumming days in the punk band Boy Kicks Girl. No, no. It’s true. He was punk rocker with the occasional hair color change, no tattoos or drug-use, and a mouth full of Whatchamacallit candy bars.

From 1996 to 2000, Boy Kicks Girl steered away from the safety of the mainstream sound. With zero record label support, this San Jose trio played hundreds of shows throughout the United States, released two albums and developed a large following of loyal diehard fans. In only four short years, Boy Kicks Girl managed to support such major label talent as Blink 182, Tsunami Bomb, The Ataris, New Found Glory and Dropkick Murphys among others.

In 1997, Boy Kicks Girl self-released their debut album …or something like that. The album quickly earned them local recognition, and set the bar high for their follow up album. In 1998 they released Public Display of Aggression and demonstrated their ability to surpass all expectations with a gut punching 45 minute punk rock ode to heartbreak. With popular tracks such as “We Are The Now”, “Little Things”, “Denny’s Girl” and “Antisocial Girl”, the album quickly gained recognition throughout underground punk scenes. Both albums ranked consistently in the Top 10 local music sales charts, received national college radio rotation, as well as air play on San Francisco’s LIVE 105 KITS-FM.

Boy Kicks Girl was noted for their staunch Do It Yourself (DIY) ethics and local music scene support. Boy Kicks Girl consistently produced and promoted shows in the South Bay Area assisting numerous local and national touring bands with showcasing their music. This persistent mindset, dedication and enthusiasm won Boy Kicks Girl Metro Magazine’s 2nd place award for the Best South Bay Area Local Band of 1999 and again in 2000.

On July 18, 2009, Boy Kicks Girl reunited for a 9 year reunion show at The Blank Club in San Jose, California. The band played their best show ever to a sold out crowd.

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