2011 Summer Road Trip

3000+ miles. 2 weeks on the road. 3 National Parks. 3 Hotels. 5 States. 7 Camping Days. Tons of memories.

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Laura and I first did a shortened version of this trip in March 2002. We were dating at the time and she had break in school. I drove up from Burns, Oregon to pick her up in Spokane, Washington. Our loyal lab Duff accompanied us on the journey where he enjoyed the backseat to himself. We mostly stayed in motels but also did snow camping. Since Glacier, Yellowstone, and Teton have most of the roads closed in the winter, we explored by snowshoeing. The parks were sparse with people which allowed us to move around easily. The 6 day trip was fantastic and left us wanting more. That time is now.

Of course, we may just do it again in a few years. These national parks are just that awesome!

Road Trip Journals

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