Christmas & Snow have arrived at Our House!

Throughout the year you could find some sort of holiday music being played in our house. Why celebrate the most wonderful time of year only once a year when you can set the mood early and often. In that spirit,  we headed out yesterday and selected our Christmas tree. Usually we head out the week after Thanksgiving, but this year we were going to be gone for the holidays and wanted to  maximize our Christmas tree time. It’s not easy finding a Christmas tree farm open before Thanksgiving but we found the Philchick Secret Valley Christmas Tree Farm near Arlington open for business.

20101120_0156Of course if you have a Christmas tree then you might as well bust out all the holiday decorations. I hauled down our few boxes of decorations and the tree stand and set up shop in the house. Quickly our house was transformed from pumpkins and autumn colors to snowmen and holiday lights. We hung up the stockings with care, poured egg nog and hot chocolate and warmed ourselves to the glow of an awesome fire.

Last Christmas was wonderful because Ethan finally got into it. He learned what it was all about and how much fun it could be. This year he was prepared and excited from the beginning. From selecting the tree to pulling out the decorations he was full of excitement and joy that Santa would be coming. Of course we had to remind him that he still had five weeks to go.

20101121_0264The icing on the cake this weekend is the weather. Yes, we have rainy gloomy weather in the northwest. However, yesterday, we had a beautiful crisp winter Saturday morning as we cut our Christmas tree. As the day progressed the temperatures continued to drop. This morning the snow finally arrived. From crisp blue skies that offered spectacular views of snow capped Cascade peaks yesterday to a snowy blistery morning today, what more could we ask for?