Rock Out Ethan-jon! [VIDEO]

Ethan has been jamming on the drums since the tender age of 10 months old. He loves to grab his little drum sticks, sit on the drum throne, and pound the skins as any 3 year old does. Right? Here’s a little taste of his session from last weekend. I appreciate the intensity he portrays as he pounds on the drums, as well as the ability to sing/yell/whatever as he drums.

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Ethan’s 3rd Birthday Weekend Festivities

Ethan’s 3rd birthday has come and gone. It was a wonderful weekend, yet alone month, of activities for him to enjoy. I think his 3rd birthday is more of a rite of passage. It’s similar to when a boy becomes a teenager on his 13th birthday. Ethan went from toddler to little boy this year. He’s grown so much physically and emotionally. He is engaged in his surroundings, seeking to explore and find new adventures. He questions the world and why things are the way they are. Of course he is also learning to test his boundaries and seeing how far he can take it. But this only teaches him what is acceptable and not acceptable to his parents, family, friends, and society.

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8 Days of Autumn & 966 Days of Ethan

Our little girl is 8 days old. Ethan just passed his 966th day. Autumn is feeding extremely well and adjusting to life outside the womb. She is beginning to notice the blurry objects around her and cracks a smile or two every so often. Ethan is very curious about his sister and is constantly asking where she is and what’s she is doing. Of course the usual answers are: she is (1) with mommy/daddy or (2) in the swing and (1) eating or (2) sleeping, Not a ton of variety at this point of her life. Continue reading “8 Days of Autumn & 966 Days of Ethan”


Love: When your two year old son is awaken from his afternoon nap by the sound of a vacuum, a vacuum that has been in the repair shop for the last week, tears out of his room, down the hall, pass his mommy and, with a wide grin and gushing giggles, gives the vacuum a big hug. That is love!

It all started at a young age…

She’s having (another) baby!

We’re proud to share with all of you that Ethan is going to be a big brother! Laura is finishing her first trimester and on her way to delivering our second child. She is due March 24, 2010. I recommend that you direct all inquiries about how she is feeling to her. We’re very excited to the next addition of our family. We’ll keep you updated with Laura’s progress on our website and through Facebook.