Causes We Support

This section deals with different political, environmental, and humanitarian issues that we feel should be given attention. The products, services and organizations we choose to support encourage a better society of compassion and understanding as we continue to learn to live with each other and our natural resources.

warmhearthWarm Hearth in Armenia

A Peace Corps volunteer established this home in Yerevan, Armenia. “Warm Hearth is designed to meet the needs of orphans as they come of age in Armenia. We provide a continuum of care for the orphaned young adults with mental disability and illness of Armenia through long-term residential care homes. Warm Hearth offers an alternative to the government psychiatric institutions for this vulnerable population. In a safe and supportive environment, the most neglected population of Armenia is given the opportunity to integrate into a community, receive individualized care and experience family for the first time.”

bfc3-gifBuffalo Field Campaign

“The Buffalo Field Campaign (BFC) is the only group working in the field, everyday, to stop the slaughter and harassment of Yellowstone’s wild buffalo. Volunteers from around the world defend buffalo on their traditional winter habitat and advocate for their protection.” We’ve been supporting the Buffalo Field Campaign through donations and education since 2002.

shellken-gifBoycott Shell

“Since Shell began drilling in Nigeria’s Niger Delta, it has wreaked environmental havoc on the land of the Ogoni. Shell has spilled oil on farmland and in water sources, bulldozed across farms and flared gas just meters from Ogoni villages. The people of Ogoniland suffer extreme health problems from the air and water pollution. The Nigerian military has played a terrifying role in the continued persecution of the Ogoni: when the Ogoni started demanding environmental justice, villages were attacked, villagers killed and their leader was executed by the judgment of a military court. Shell has admitted to paying the military, which brutally silences voices crying for justice from the government of Nigeria and Shell, along with other multinational oil corporations.”

gavar_schoolGavar Special School in Armenia

The Gavar Special School in Armenia is near to our heart because of the time that we spent in Armenia. We had first hand experience living in a society that didn’t always accept children with disabilities. Gavar Special School opens their doors to these children to provide them a place to learn. Take time to visit their website and help in any way that you can.