Day 1: “Mom! Dad! Do you know what today is?”

Happy 4th of July!

Day 1: Seattle to McMinnville | Total Time: 4 hours | Total Distance: 226 miles

“Mom! Dad! Do you know what today is?” Ethan blurted out excitedly as he came into our room at 6am today.

“No, what’s today?” we teased him.

“Summer Vacation Day!” he exclaimed with his classic smile!

What a great kick off to our trip. Our kids have been ready to go on this vacation for weeks. They been talking all about the many wonderful places and people we’re going to visit on vacation. It was nice to see the high energy level continue when the actual trip started. Of course, I think Laura and I could’ve used another hour of sleep as we were up a bit late last night packing our bags and car.

After a couple hours of additional packing and closing down the house, we hit the road at 8am. First stop: coffee, then we made it to the I-5 and headed south.

Our trip from Seattle to McMinnville was uneventful. We stopped once for a potty break and to let Skylee stretch her legs, but otherwise we cruised along the I-5 to Laura’s parent’s house in good time. Our poor dog was a bit squished in the back of the car, but it was only to get her to McMinnville where she’ll stay while we’re in California. I hope we don’t bring back too many souvenirs, otherwise she’ll be competing for space with Mickey Mouse and Cars memorabilia when we bring her back to Seattle.

We spent the day in McMinnville relaxing. The kids rode Norm the horse, played in the garden and ate snap peas and rasberries, swung on the tree swing, and ran around. The weather was perfect to allow all of us to wear shorts and open-toed shoes, bare shoulders, and get a little red. After the kids went to sleep, we finished the evening with a card game of Hand and Foot, a Zemke favorite.

With no agenda today, it was a perfect way to start our road trip to California! Tomorrow, we’re in southern Oregon.

Skylee squeezes into the back. This was only for our trip to McMinnville where she’ll stay while we’re in California.
Kids are packed.
Plenty of room for equipment, food, and family!
Sibling love.
Autumn and her Grandma Karen
Checking up on how the turkeys doing.
Lunch on the back patio.
Ethan explores the garden.
The kids look for snap peas.
One of Ethan’s favorite activities in life.
Best buds! Porter and Skylee.
Happy kid with his Pa Pa!
Autumn and her Pa Pa!
We’re going to have a lot of toes showing on this trip.
Playing a mean game of Hand and Foot!

2 thoughts on “Day 1: “Mom! Dad! Do you know what today is?””

  1. I’m as excited as the kids to see the posts of the trip! By the way, I had no idea Laura’s family had a farm. I think that is as close to paradise as you can get, looking at the pictures.

    1. Jason…it is a nice piece of paradise. They moved out there about 6 years ago and have done a lot of work to get the property to where it is today. We all enjoy experiencing a bit of rural Oregon.

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