Valentine’s Day Weekend 2011

Ethan and all of his Valentine's cards.
Ethan and all of his Valentine's cards.
Ethan and all of his Valentine's cards

Ethan rocked at his first dentist appointment today. We had built up the visit the past few days by talking about why we brush our teeth, what a dentist does, his Grandpa and Uncle Chris help make the furniture at the dentist office, and he just might get a treat when the visit is over.

Upon entering the dentist’s office the toys in the waiting room caught his attention. We were off to a great start. But the dentist was prompt (or we were right on time) and off we went to the back room with little time for toys. We all walked back with him to check out the area. Ethan started to pull the shy guy routine, but the dentist knew better. She kindly told Laura and I that kids usually do better when the parents leave. Oh.

We stepped back about 8 feet where there was a wall that hid us from his view but allowed us to see the visit. Ethan did everything the dentist asked, touched the equipment, asked questions, and was pretty much at ease. When it was over he got a Hot Wheel car, new Crayola toothbrush, and a free meal coupon to Red Robin. He was stoked! Before leaving the dentist received a well-deserved high-five from our little guy.

Today also was busy with Valentine’s activities. Laura and Ethan made another awesome tasty-licious carrot cake. Seriously, it’s the best. Ethan took the time to make me a Valentine’s card with some fun firefighter stickers on it. He did a great job at coloring the entire picture ~ a beautiful shade of red. He also took some time to look through all the Valentine cards he received at preschool last week.

In addition to his busy Monday, he also had a great weekend. The highlight was his gymnastics class (which is usually on Fridays) on Saturday morning. He rolled, jumped, stretched, swung, and ran all around with the other children. I was glad to be able to take him to grab a few photos of him in action.

This year has really been a great Valentine’s!

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