Kids and Pets…like peas and carrots [Video]

Ethan and Skylee

Growing up I had a dog named Lucky. She lived 16 years and was truly a part of my childhood. She’s the dog that scared the crap out of the neighbors, but would sleep cozily at the foot of my bed each night. She bit open my lip when I was 10 years old while trying to chase a cat. She spent years pulling my brothers and I around the neighborhood on our skateboards as we excitedly, but a bit nervously, gripped the end of the leash and hoped we’d never would have to slow down because it wasn’t going to look pretty trying to stop her. Honestly, she loved pulling us on our skateboards. She was sweet and vicious all in the same day and she was my loyal companion. Truly a great dog to have!

Ethan and Autumn both have a best friend in Skylee. When Duff was still kickin’ he and Skylee were awesome with Ethan too. Autumn and Skylee have really bonded these past few months. Autumn has always enjoyed observing Skylee run around, catch her toys mid-air, roll around, and just about anything else she does. Autumn will giggle and laugh and reach for her. Now that Autumn is mobile, she’ll crawl after Skylee. Skylee will run ahead, stop, and turn around to wait for her. Sometimes she will give Autumn a lick and run ahead. It’s a great game they have.

These days Ethan will usually chase Skylee around the house as if she’s the lion (or whatever the animal of the weeks is for Ethan) that needs to be captured. Skylee is good about it and loves the interaction. She’ll run away and then chase after him. When she’s really good she’ll allow a blanket or two be thrown on her as if she’s being captured by a net.

Fortunately these dogs are all sweet and have no vicious side to them. I think the only time I’ve seen Skylee show any agression toward the kids is when Ethan decided he would jump off his Little Tykes slide directly onto her. She was a bit pissed and deservingly so. Ethan learned his lesson.

Laura and I hope that when Ethan and Autumn look back on their childhood, the dogs will be remembered as being an integral and fun part of it.

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