Ethan’s 3rd Birthday Weekend Festivities

Ethan’s 3rd birthday has come and gone. It was a wonderful weekend, yet alone month, of activities for him to enjoy. I think his 3rd birthday is more of a rite of passage. It’s similar to when a boy becomes a teenager on his 13th birthday. Ethan went from toddler to little boy this year. He’s grown so much physically and emotionally. He is engaged in his surroundings, seeking to explore and find new adventures. He questions the world and why things are the way they are. Of course he is also learning to test his boundaries and seeing how far he can take it. But this only teaches him what is acceptable and not acceptable to his parents, family, friends, and society.

20100731_1221His birthday weekend was full of adventures and surprises for all involved. It started on Friday morning, July 30th, with a birthday gift from Mom and Dad…his first fireman outfit. It followed with a visit from Uncle Mat, Aunt Shari, cousins Kaitlyn and Emily, and Mick and Julie (Mat’s parents). We all enjoyed a morning trip to the Ballard Locks. Later in the afternoon we explored the Tour de Terrace carnival going on just blocks from our house. Ethan fell in love with every ride. The thrill of speed, spins, and up and down motions brought wide grins. We enjoyed a BBQ in our backyard and then headed down to the evening parade.   The highlight of the parade was watching Ethan’s face as the fire trucks, police motorcycles and pirate ships walked by.

Saturday morning was spent preparing for his 11am birthday party start. Most of Laura’s family had come in from Oregon to celebrate the occasion. His friends arrived from around the Seattle area, many for the first time to our house. The theme of his birthday party was construction trucks. His birthday activities included pin the driver on the front loader, water balloon toss in the dump truck, creating truck hats, and a birthday parade. He loved it all!

We ended the evening with another visit over to the Tour de Terrace festivities where the event closed with a spectacular fireworks display.

Ethan’s birthday festivities were as exciting, fun, and as beautiful as he is. We love you buddy!