Uncle Mark visits and Ethan takes him on an Aardvark hunt

“We’re going on an Aardvark hunt, we’re going to catch a big one” and the two fearless adventurers, protected by their firefighter hats and carrying shopping baskets and snakes, set off through the house to find the fearsome Aardvarks that lurked in the back halls. Nephew Ethan, along with his sidekick Uncle Mark, stormed the house so all could get a good night sleep.

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Laura and Autumn had the pleasure to join me on a business trip to Chicago last week. After being with FEMA for a little over year, spending 50 nights on the road, and traveling almost 40,000+ air miles, it was nice to have family come along for the ride. Chicago was our destination because the annual FEMA Mitigation Planners Workshop was held here this year.  This was my second visit to Chicago this year, Laura and Autumn’s first ever, and it was a great visit to the Windy City.

“But wait! Where was Ethan?”

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