Ethan and Autumn’s Top Five Favorite Children’s Songs

Music. We love it. A lot! Our radio constantly pours music throughout every corner of our house. As a result we have two children who truly love to listen, watch, and dance to music. Whereas Autumn is just learning how to interact with it, Ethan loves to listen and dance around the house to his favorite songs. We thought we’d share a list of those songs that get their toes tappin’, feet stompin’, hands clappin’, and butt shakin’.
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Our Top 5 WordPress Front End PlugIns

You may know that our website is 100% powered by WordPress. When we first developed our website in 2004, I’d create a page with Microsoft Word, email it to my brother and he’d write out the HTML code and upload it. Nothing more. It was basic and it worked for our needs to communicate our Peace Corps experience with family and friends. But as web development progressed over the years with Web 2.0, HMTL 4 (and soon HTML 5), our website needed to move to a more progressive platform. WordPress is the answer.

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