Best Cities To Live In When The Peak Oil Crisis Hits

“Common Current recently released a report ranking U.S. cities on their ability to deal with a peak oil crisis. San Francisco comes out on top, with Oklahoma City ranks last.” Read the rest of the article at Planetizen.

What I find intriguing is the location of the Top 10 and Bottom 10 cities. Look at the locations and think about the politics. Then think about who is currently and soon-to-be leading our country. I think this country is in a great position to begin to design and plan communities that are energy efficient and improve our quality of life, not degrade it. Continue reading “Best Cities To Live In When The Peak Oil Crisis Hits”

Need some night time reading?

I’ve had a few requests from friends to make my master’s terminal project available for download. While I’m very proud of the work I did, I’d say it definitely has a specific audience. If you feel the urge to want to read it, feel free to download it. If you use it for research, please provide the proper citations.

I’m also making a PowerPoint presentation available. The PowerPoint was presented for the Willamette Valley Biomass Working Group, the client for this project. You can read more about my defense and energy planning in previous posts.

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