You’ve lived in how many homes in the last decade?

We have history of moving. A lot! Ever since we left our childhood homes in San Jose, California (Brett) and Newberg, Oregon (Laura), we’ve moved frequently for a variety of reasons. Job. Change of scenery. School. Most moves have been our decision, though, we’ve been more enthusiastic about some more than others.

So exactly how many places have we called home in the last decade? 17 to be exact.

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We’re Heading North!


Last Monday, we received news that I have been accepted into the Community and Regional Planning (CRP) Graduate Program at the University of Oregon in Eugene. After, what seems to be a few months of hardships, though please don’t think we were down and out, we needed a little pick me up. I will focus my studies on environmental planning in hopes of doing international work, possibly in the former Soviet Union.

Laura is excited to be closer to her family in the Portland area and will now have the opportunity to visit or have them visit more often. My family is excited for our opportunity but will miss having us around.

Eugene offers a great location for education, nature, culture and community. Click here to learn more about Eugene, Oregon. We will make the move this summer to allow time to settle in and to find a teaching position for Laura.