Aerial Views of the Great State of Washington (Video)

As Laura and I prepare to fly to Chicago this week, I’d like to share a video I made from my flight a week ago to Seattle from Maryland. This is a short video showing some of the views of Washington State as we fly east to west and land at Seattle-Tacoma airport. There are some great views of Mount Rainier and surrounding area. This was filmed on a BlackBerry so don’t expect much from it.

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Labor Day Weekend Activities

What a week it was post and throughout Labor Day weekend. Laura, Ethan, and Autumn spent the week in McMinnville with her family. Laura connected with family and friends while Ethan had great experiences gardening, helping with the horses, playing outside a ton, visiting family, and riding his favorite his horse Norm with his Grandpa!

I spent the week in Maryland for training where I enjoyed a healthy dose of Waffle House biscuits and gravy, watched a DC United soccer match, and had a spectacular view of Mount Rainier on my airplane ride home.

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