15 weeks is beginning

Laura is doing well as the 2nd trimester has begun. She isn’t as sick as she use to be and has more energy. She does enjoy the occasional afternoon nap. The headaches have come and gone for now. We have our 2nd doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. We are going to bring the video camera to film the sound of the heartbeat. Perhaps we will get to post it on the site later.

What is that bump?

Laura has hit 12 weeks and has a little bump protruding out. She is going to be the cutest pregnant mom. She has switched to maternity pants and will slowly make the transition to a complete maternity wardrobe over the next few months.

Our niece Caitlynn, 3 months, looking very adorable as she discovers the art of sticking her tongue out.

Kaitlyn Grace Whiteaker

5 days after becoming an aunt and uncle for the first time, we become an aunt and uncle a second time. Shari and Mat welcomed Kaitlyn Grace Whiteaker into the world on Friday October 12, 2006 at around 8am. This is the first grandchild for Laura’s parents.

Here is our other niece.