[Updated] Cut the Cable, hook up the computer w/ TV and enjoy your MEDIA CENTER!

Over the last couple years I’ve dabbled in creating a centralized media center for our family. By this I mean a place where I can view my videos/photos and listen to music in one place. Though it may seem easy for some, it doesn’t work that way for us. I keep our photos/movies on our mac tower and keep our music on our laptop (we like to ensure we have our music with us when we travel). There also many options to choose from when it comes to a media center. Some of the popular ones include Windows Media Center and Apple TV. Of course, there are a bit more obscure ones such as Boxee, XBMC, Plex, and Hulu.

So what did we decide? It just depends on what we want to do and, no, we don’t use just one program.
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Radio Free iTunes

Over the past couple months, we’ve found joy in the iTunes radio feature. This is a feature that has been on iTunes since, I think, the first version of iTunes. We don’t know of anyone else who uses this feature, but it’s definitely an underrated feature that should at least be explored.

First, the best way to use this feature is in conjunction with your home stereo system or a good set of computer speakers. What’s point of using it if the sounds is terrible.

So where is this feature on iTunes?

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