Uncle Mark visits and Ethan takes him on an Aardvark hunt

“We’re going on an Aardvark hunt, we’re going to catch a big one” and the two fearless adventurers, protected by their firefighter hats and carrying shopping baskets and snakes, set off through the house to find the fearsome Aardvarks that lurked in the back halls. Nephew Ethan, along with his sidekick Uncle Mark, stormed the house so all could get a good night sleep.

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October in Review: The Month of the Heffalump

Heffalump! What the? Okay if you don’t have kids you probably don’t have any idea what a Heffalump is. I didn’t either until earlier in October I randomly selected for Ethan Pooh’s Heffalump Movie from Netflix. That’s all it took. He watched it, laughed a lot, smiled, never ate his popcorn because he was glued to the movie, and came back asking for more. Seriously, he loves anything about it (characters, songs, dialogue, pictures). There is no doubt that October became the month of the Heffalump.

20101003_0166But we also got our fair share of Vitamin D and hiked the Cascades, saw the Salmon run, visited McMinnville, watched Autumn get her first tooth and chomp down her first solids, and finished the month with the cutest little horse and firefighter you ever saw. Our weekends and family time took us near and far. Here’s a brief summary of our October:

  • Salmon Festival
  • Skagit Valley Festival of Farms Tour
  • Seattle Aquarium
  • Games, games, and lots of games (mostly puzzles)
  • Big Four Ice Caves Hike
  • Robe Canyon Hike
  • Community Trunk ‘n Treat
  • Trip to McMinnville, Oregon to visit family
  • Neighborhood trick or treating
  • Pumpkin carving
  • Toolbox building

The fall colors were in full bloom here in Washington and down in Oregon. Our drive down to McMinnville was gorgeous along I-5. Here’s to a great November.

Caitlynn Olivia Holt [This is not the Olivia Holt you’re looking for]

Caitlynn Olivia Holt
Caitlynn Olivia Holt

[Edited July 20, 2011: Sorry, but this Holt has nothing to do with Disney. On your way now.]

Mike and Olivia had a baby girl a few days ago. Laura and I are very excited for the two of them. This is the first baby from the Holt brothers. Here is the information:

Caitlynn Olivia Holt
7 lbs, 14 ounces
21.5 inches long
Born 10-8-06, 9:25 a.m.

For now on, it’s Uncle Brett and Aunt Laura.