You’ve lived in how many homes in the last decade?

We have history of moving. A lot! Ever since we left our childhood homes in San Jose, California (Brett) and Newberg, Oregon (Laura), we’ve moved frequently for a variety of reasons. Job. Change of scenery. School. Most moves have been our decision, though, we’ve been more enthusiastic about some more than others.

So exactly how many places have we called home in the last decade? 17 to be exact.

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Barack Obama in Eugene, Oregon!

7:45pm: So Laura decides she wants to get out of the house this evening since my mom is in town and will be able to watch Ethan. I was in for the evening, having settled into a cozy pair of sweats and sitting on the couch reading the latest issue of Mother Earth News. I decide what the heck since we don’t get out much. We drive around a bit and Laura says she would like to go by the University of Oregon and see how long the line is to hear Obama speak tonight.

This event was the big thing in town tonight, and with the arena having a capacity of 9,000 or so, I knew we would not get in. People had been in line for hours waiting to see him. I am all for it though, even if it meant we just have a nice walk across campus holding hands. Well, we park the car and walk about 10 minutes only to find a line of thousands. We walk past the rec center, the soccer fields, Hayward Field and finally come to the end of the line. We realize we won’t make it in, but let’s just wait until someone says its full. Keep in mind, this event is free. About two minutes later, groups of people are walking past us, saying the arena is full and we should head to the overflow area to hear him speak in 45 minutes. We following the small groups heading to the overflow area (the back of the arena) where we end up standing about 7 or 8 feet from a barricade. Speakers are playing the opening acts for the event. These are state politicians speaking inside the arena, but no one outside is really listening.

Obama in EugeneWe stand around from 8:30 until 9:12pm when Obama comes walking down a ramp with secret service in tow. The thousands outside scream and chant “Yes We Can” as he takes a microphone and addresses the crowd. He spoke only for a few minutes and then proceeded to shake hundreds of hands. We had a great location because he was about 7 feet from us. He then made his way inside the arena where 10,000 are waiting to hear him speak for the next 45 minutes. It was a wonderful to be part of history.

Here is a video of Obama speaking to the crowd we were in. You can only hear him because of the angle of the person filming.

Here is the video of what he said inside the arena, and what we watched at a local bar with others who didn’t get inside.


We have been busy, busy, busy in Eugene. Since our last post we have been Hawaii and moved to another state. Let’s do a little recap.

We went to Hawaii in mid-June with one of Laura’s sister and her husband. We were in Maui where the weather was perfect and food ok. It took us a while to find the great restaurants. I don’t think you go to Hawaii for the food. It’s the weather and wonderful beaches. We stayed busy snorkeling, seeing the island, lying on the beach, playing shuffle board, scuba diving, para-sailing, visiting the national park, boating, and just hanging out. The downside to Maui is that everyone knows about Maui. Tons of tourist. While it was a great experience, but we most likely won’t go back. Continue reading “Adjustments”

We’re Heading North!


Last Monday, we received news that I have been accepted into the Community and Regional Planning (CRP) Graduate Program at the University of Oregon in Eugene. After, what seems to be a few months of hardships, though please don’t think we were down and out, we needed a little pick me up. I will focus my studies on environmental planning in hopes of doing international work, possibly in the former Soviet Union.

Laura is excited to be closer to her family in the Portland area and will now have the opportunity to visit or have them visit more often. My family is excited for our opportunity but will miss having us around.

Eugene offers a great location for education, nature, culture and community. Click here to learn more about Eugene, Oregon. We will make the move this summer to allow time to settle in and to find a teaching position for Laura.