Building a Shed with (mostly) Reclaimed Wood

I took a week off last August to start building my shed. Just about each weekend since then, I’ve spent a day or two trying to complete the project before the rains hit! I have another 2 or 3 days to finish the trim and ramp.

This shed is for both my wife to have an outside potting/garden area, and so I have a place to store items such as a Thule car storage box, wood, outside lawn furniture, lawnmower, and more.

The entire outside siding, flooring, and floor joists are all reclaimed wood. I helped a neighbor’s remove their 330 ft. fence last summer and have used the wood for various projects (see the cedar fence I built with it in photos below). The wood just needed a little power washing and trimming of the rotting wood ends.

There are no designs for this shed. It’s actually kind of v-shaped as one side is 4 ft. and the other is 8 ft. It’s my first shed to build and am proud of how it is turning out. It’s a labor of love. Some things I’d do differently but that’s for another time. This also also allowed me to tune my building skills before we really tackle remodeling inside the house.

Here are photos of the progress to date.

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D.I.Y. (Kitchen Edition)

I love D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself). There is nothing more satisfying than being able to solve a problem, quickly, efficiently, and, best of all, cheap.

So when we moved in our home last August, we had a couple issues we needed to resolve. The first was organizing our kitchen, and the second was keeping Ethan out of our kitchen island cupboard. Here’s the story.
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