Welcome Ethan William Holt!

It’s a boy!

Ethan William Holt arrived at 7:47pm on Monday, July 30, 2007. He weighs 7.5lbs, is 19 inches long, and other than a little jaundice, he is doing great. After staying one night at the hospital, we were released the next afternoon. Mom and Ethan are doing great.

The quick labor story:

Laura felt contractions around 11am on Monday. She went to her weekly doctor’s visit at 2pm where the doctor confirmed she was in labor. She called Brett who biked home from the UO in record time. We stayed in the comforts of our home until contractions reached 3 minutes or so apart. We arrived at the hospital about 5pm and, after a few outbursts such as, “Goodness gracious” and “Ohhhhhh”, Ethan joined us a few hours later. Laura is a strong woman and had a perfect and beautiful labor!

Thank you for your messages and phone calls!