Have Kids, Will Travel

We love to pack up the car and head out for the day or weekend. Laura and I have done it since we’ve known each other and we have continued it with our children. Almost since Ethan and Autumn’s first month of life, we were driving 2 to 4 hours to visit family. Our travels include visiting Oregon every other month (4 hour drive), driving to California from Portland, camping in eastern Oregon, and many many day trips in whatever area we live. In addition to car trips, Ethan has been on four (to and from California) and Autumn on two (to and from Chicago) airplane trips. Through it all our children have done extremely well. We thought we’d share what we learned from our experience to make your journey with your children more enjoyable.

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Rock Out Ethan-jon! [VIDEO]

Ethan has been jamming on the drums since the tender age of 10 months old. He loves to grab his little drum sticks, sit on the drum throne, and pound the skins as any 3 year old does. Right? Here’s a little taste of his session from last weekend. I appreciate the intensity he portrays as he pounds on the drums, as well as the ability to sing/yell/whatever as he drums.

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