Labor Day Weekend Activities

What a week it was post and throughout Labor Day weekend. Laura, Ethan, and Autumn spent the week in McMinnville with her family. Laura connected with family and friends while Ethan had great experiences gardening, helping with the horses, playing outside a ton, visiting family, and riding his favorite his horse Norm with his Grandpa!

I spent the week in Maryland for training where I enjoyed a healthy dose of Waffle House biscuits and gravy, watched a DC United soccer match, and had a spectacular view of Mount Rainier on my airplane ride home.

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8 Days of Autumn & 966 Days of Ethan

Our little girl is 8 days old. Ethan just passed his 966th day. Autumn is feeding extremely well and adjusting to life outside the womb. She is beginning to notice the blurry objects around her and cracks a smile or two every so often. Ethan is very curious about his sister and is constantly asking where she is and what’s she is doing. Of course the usual answers are: she is (1) with mommy/daddy or (2) in the swing and (1) eating or (2) sleeping, Not a ton of variety at this point of her life. Continue reading “8 Days of Autumn & 966 Days of Ethan”


Mom. Dad. Son. Daughter. Based on our ultrasound a few days ago, we’re going to welcome a daughter into our family this March. Ethan has predicted he was going to have a sister for quite a few weeks now. She looks great and is right target for her March 24 arrival. With three nieces on both sides of our family, we should have plenty of options for clothing. We’ve included a few of the photos from our doctor’s visit.