We’ve captured a lot of our experiences on film. We have weeks worth of film that still sits on our computer and may never see the light of day (or internet in this case). Those that were deemed worthy or I just had the time to quickly throw something together are posted on the YouTube Holt Family Channel. We have travel, outdoor adventures, kids running, Radio Flyer wagons, Peace Corps experiences, and more..  If you have a YouTube account (which is free), you can subscribe to our channel and receive instant notification when we upload new videos.

Here is a selection of our more popular videos on YouTube.

FULL: The Movie (July 2007)

We’re going back to 2007 when Ethan was just a few weeks for V-Day. We were a bit bored and just pulled out the camera to capture a single shot. Many takes later and a little video editing later, we made FULL….

Ethan Meets Autumn for the First Time (March 2010)

Ethan visits us at the hospital and meets his sister for the first time.

Ethan Goes To The Beach (August 2008)

Ethan first visit to the beach. We headed to the Oregon Coast where it was a cool overcast day while the valley was scorching 100.

Armenia Nature and Monestaries (September 2004)

This is one of the first videos Brett made we were in the Peace Corps. It highlights some of the natural beauty found in the Republic of Armenia. You can view the full collection of our Peace Corps videos on our YouTube Peace Corps Playlist.

Mount Lassen Summit Ascent (March 2004)

Tadashi and Brett did a trip up to Mt. Lassen summit in March 2004. Mt. Lassen is in Lassen Volcanic National Park in northern California.

You can also click the YouTube Holt Family Videos link on the bar at the bottom of your browser to receive instant access to our videos.