Lord Hill Regional Park. April 2012.


Ethan is our oldest child born in the summer of 2007. He’s a terrific kid with a heart of gold. He loves being outside, playing with trucks, swinging, constructing new buildings his Legos, watching Blue’s Clues or Bob the Builder, and books, books, books.

He truly loves being read to any time of day. Some of his favorite books include whatever he gets from the library and whatever book he owns. While he isn’t picky about his books, he does enjoy Richard Scarry and any construction vehicle books.

He loves playing in his playhouse and helping dad with wood projects. He’s quick to grab a tool and ask “Can I help daddy?”. Before you can say yes, he’s already down there evaluating, checking things out, and screwing/hammering the wood.

Ethan Quotes

Winnie the Pooh

“Mommy, I want to go to England.”
“Why do you want to go to England Ethan?”
“Because that’s where the 100 acre wood is, and I want to catch a Heffalump!”


When all the kids and parents left his birthday party, Laura asked what was his favorite part of his birthday. You may have expected a three year old to say his presents, the candy or games. His response: “My friends.”