Duff (RIP)

Duff passed away in July 2009. He was a little over 9 years old. This page has not been updated since he passed away.

Woof! Woof! My name is Duff and I am a black lab. I have been hanging out with Brett and Laura since September 2001, though I was born in May 2000. I spent my first year living on a ranch in northern Oregon. I had a really abusive owner but his daughter was nice. She brought me to Burns where a firefigher adopted me. Him and his wife couldn’t keep me because of something called a “No Pets Allowed” policy at their home. I don’t really understand these things. But, Brett came to our home one day and I went home with him. I have been with him and Laura ever since…well most of the time.

I spend my time sleeping and eating though when I get really excited, my butt shakes all over the place. I really enjoy car rides especially long road trips to Oregon and Montana. I have visited Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Nevada, and California. My sister Skylee has only been to two states so I have a bit more travel experience.

My grandma is the best because she lets us sleep on her bed, with my blanket, of course. It’s a California King. Brett and Laura left for a long time to some place far away where I only heard their voice through a weird looking circle and grandma took care of us. It was a lot of fun. She has a large backyard where we can run around and a large home where I have many places to sleep. I am allowed to break the rules with her.

Almost every night I get to go out for a walk. You say the word “walk” and I am going to love you forever. I just get so excited that I can’t control myself. If you want to be my new best friend then just talk me for a walk or feed me pig ears. Slurp, slurp. I love pig ears.

That’s all about me. Come visit sometime so we can sniff some butts together.