Autumn. May 2012.

Autumn was born in the spring of 2010 as the sun crested over the majestic Cascade Mountains. She has a strong will personality and knows what she wants. She loves watching her brother to see what kind of antics he’s up to, snuggling up to mom to find comfort and a gentle shoulder to sleep on, and laughing at dad’s silly noises. She is sleeping in her own room, wakes up a couple times a night, eats like it’s her last meal, enjoys lying on the ground and gazing up at the trees, being carried around looking forward, and snuggling her face in her blankets.

Her favorite music artist is Caspar Babypants. She first saw them play October 1 in Kirkland at a free show. This was her first concert and she loved it. She danced all around. Now when we play a Caspar Babypants CD, she dances to all the songs, especially the catchy “Run, Baby, Run” tune.

Life is wonderful with Autumn Jane.