You’ve lived in how many homes in the last decade?

We have history of moving. A lot! Ever since we left our childhood homes in San Jose, California (Brett) and Newberg, Oregon (Laura), we’ve moved frequently for a variety of reasons. Job. Change of scenery. School. Most moves have been our decision, though, we’ve been more enthusiastic about some more than others.

So exactly how many places have we called home in the last decade? 17 to be exact.

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…and back to Oregon!

We are heading north to Eugene, Oregon. We spent a few days in Oregon last week and we’re able to find a house to rent. This is not an easy task when you have two dogs, need a fenced yard, and want to spend under $1,000/month.
Nonetheless, we found a great place that we are excited about. There is a picture of the home, but it’s now yellow.

While in the area, Laura had an interview with the Superintendent of Eugene Schools, which is a great lead when it comes to obtaining a job in the area. We are keeping our fingers crossed about that contact. On Saturday she took her Orela test which is necessary for all teachers to take to obtain a teaching license. For those familiar with teaching license tests, the Orela is more intense than the CBEST test. The last few months of studying biology, math, art, p.e., physics, dance, and more came down to last Saturday. We will receive the results in July. Brett interviewed and accepted a Graduate Teaching Fellowship as the Peace Corps Recruiter for the University of Oregon. What a relief for the both of us to get this opportunity. This position will be for two years and allow for his tuition to be paid for.

We are moving sometime in the first few days of July. Our new contact information is down below. Our address is effective July 1. The cell numbers are effective now and will be our permanent numbers in Oregon. Our place is a bit bigger than the home in Mineral (we have 3 bedrooms) so please visit if you have a chance.

Related “moving on with life” news, the federal government has finally accepted that Brett’s shoulder blade/capsule injury was caused while serving in Armenia. Hip hip hooray!

Thanks for reading and take care! We’re off to Hawaii for a week. Aloha!

Death Valley National Park Trip [Graphic Photos]

Last week, a few friends and I went camping in Death Valley. For those who have not been there, you are missing out on a wonderful experience. This time of year offers the perfect climate, wildflowers, and scenary. We camped in Saline Valley near some hot springs. Our first day was spent in the hot springs and hiking around. It’s a gorgeous area that offers a variety of hiking on and off trail options. The second day was spent at the hospital and then driving home.

As you can see in the pictures below I ran into some trouble while removing the pit from an avocado. The knife slipped and caused a little laceration on my right pinkie finger. It didn’t hurt at first, but the pain settled in within an hour. Thank goodness the hospital was only three hours away and not four. I will have surgery on Monday to repair the nerve I cut. Good times, good times.

Just arriving, taking a pee break.

Pee break
Pee Break at Death Valley.

Saline Valley

Saline Valley at Death Valley National Park
Saline Valley at Death Valley National Park

Ooops! It’s just a flesh wound.

Sliced finger
Sliced finger. Ouch!

Cleaned up.

Looking better
Stitched up!

All better, well kind of.

Hand bandaged up
Hanging out at Mono Lake

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We’re Heading North!


Last Monday, we received news that I have been accepted into the Community and Regional Planning (CRP) Graduate Program at the University of Oregon in Eugene. After, what seems to be a few months of hardships, though please don’t think we were down and out, we needed a little pick me up. I will focus my studies on environmental planning in hopes of doing international work, possibly in the former Soviet Union.

Laura is excited to be closer to her family in the Portland area and will now have the opportunity to visit or have them visit more often. My family is excited for our opportunity but will miss having us around.

Eugene offers a great location for education, nature, culture and community. Click here to learn more about Eugene, Oregon. We will make the move this summer to allow time to settle in and to find a teaching position for Laura.

Bon Jovi at the San Jose Arena

Last night, Mark, Kim, Laura and I went to see Bon Jovi at the San Jose Arena. My first concert in 1987 was Bon Jovi and Cinderella at the Shoreline Amphitheater. Mark took me. We saw them again in 1989 on the New Jersey tour. I hadn’t seen them since so I thought it would be good to take them last night. This would be Laura’s first arena concert.

The show went well. It was a polished, slick show last night, though no pyrotechnics. Jon Bon Jovi did great crowd interaction going into the crowd on numerous occasions which is difficult to do in an arena. But, what I don’t understand is why they had to play most of their material from the last two albums (the last five years or so)? It is horrible. Maybe 45 minutes of the 2 hour 15 minute show was pre-1990 and the rest was the new stuff. Even some of the old stuff was toned down. Very disappointed in that. Yes, many people knew the newer songs but everyone got into it when they would play the songs off the Slippery When Wet and New Jersey albums. These albums are what made them popular.

bj concertA lot of bands who didn’t have a career in the 90’s are making a come back. But, some bands think it’s cool to play new songs. That’s crap. I saw Motley Crue last year and they played all old stuff except for a few songs, which were horrible. Of course they are going to fall in the same trap as Bon Jovi and record a new album. It’s not worth it. These bands need to look at people like James Taylor and Neil Diamond who stick to the past hits and the crowds keep coming back.