Thanksgiving in Yamhill County, Oregon

Thanksgiving 2011

We did the annual trek to Yamhill County, Oregon where Laura’s parents live. I say annual because Thanksgiving is the holiday we spend with her family each year (with the exception of a couple years). Christmas is one we rotate we each year between her side and my side.

We did the almost 7 hour drive on Wednesday (usually takes 3 hours 45 minutes) from Seattle to Yamhill County where we experienced lots of traffic, rainy weather, delicious shakes from Burgerville, and a “cute” Autumn who insisted on yelling every time we played music. We kept the music off.

Thanksgiving day was a very low-key day spent with Laura’s parents, brother Christopher, and sister Marylynn. We enjoyed playing card and board games, playing on the computers (four laptops made it geek central), checking out the continued progress in the newly built barn, snacking and drinking, and enjoying a delicious gluten-free Thanksgiving meal (with three different pies to choose from).

Friday was relaxing as well. Laura and her sister Marylynn enjoyed watching the latest Twilight movie. I hung out at the house with the kids and her parents where Autumn went wild and Ethan enjoyed riding Norm and collecting eggs at the neighbors.

We headed back home Saturday morning and made it in 3 hours 38 minutes. Oh yeah!

Kids love playing with dead animals.
Autumn and her argyle dress
Ethan playing with his monster trucks while waiting for dinner
Autumn and her Mommy
Ethan getting a laugh from his Uncle Chris
Ethan relaxes to watch Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving special
The family enjoys a game of Sorry
Gluten free pies that will rock your world
Autumn says good night to Norm before heading to bed.
The kids look beat the next morning.