Ethan Starts Soccer!

Ethan started his first soccer season this past week. He was joined by seven other children at a nearby field where they were led through a series of fun drills by Coach Adams. As a little guy playing in the 3.5-4 year old group, the focus is on developing skills and having fun rather than competition. The first practice focused on dribbling the soccer ball. Ethan did very well in following directions and having a good time. Between each drill the kids would run back to their parents to get a drink of water and then head back to the field for the next fun activity. Practice ended with a recap of what was learned and a big cheer. We’re excited to watch Ethan develop his skills and find joy in the game of soccer.

Valentine’s Day Weekend 2011

Ethan and all of his Valentine's cards.
Ethan and all of his Valentine's cards

Ethan rocked at his first dentist appointment today. We had built up the visit the past few days by talking about why we brush our teeth, what a dentist does, his Grandpa and Uncle Chris help make the furniture at the dentist office, and he just might get a treat when the visit is over.

Upon entering the dentist’s office the toys in the waiting room caught his attention. We were off to a great start. But the dentist was prompt (or we were right on time) and off we went to the back room with little time for toys. We all walked back with him to check out the area. Ethan started to pull the shy guy routine, but the dentist knew better. She kindly told Laura and I that kids usually do better when the parents leave. Oh.

We stepped back about 8 feet where there was a wall that hid us from his view but allowed us to see the visit. Ethan did everything the dentist asked, touched the equipment, asked questions, and was pretty much at ease. When it was over he got a Hot Wheel car, new Crayola toothbrush, and a free meal coupon to Red Robin. He was stoked! Before leaving the dentist received a well-deserved high-five from our little guy.

Today also was busy with Valentine’s activities. Laura and Ethan made another awesome tasty-licious carrot cake. Seriously, it’s the best. Ethan took the time to make me a Valentine’s card with some fun firefighter stickers on it. He did a great job at coloring the entire picture ~ a beautiful shade of red. He also took some time to look through all the Valentine cards he received at preschool last week.

In addition to his busy Monday, he also had a great weekend. The highlight was his gymnastics class (which is usually on Fridays) on Saturday morning. He rolled, jumped, stretched, swung, and ran all around with the other children. I was glad to be able to take him to grab a few photos of him in action.

This year has really been a great Valentine’s!

Kids and Pets…like peas and carrots [Video]

Growing up I had a dog named Lucky. She lived 16 years and was truly a part of my childhood. She’s the dog that scared the crap out of the neighbors, but would sleep cozily at the foot of my bed each night. She bit open my lip when I was 10 years old while trying to chase a cat. She spent years pulling my brothers and I around the neighborhood on our skateboards as we excitedly, but a bit nervously, gripped the end of the leash and hoped we’d never would have to slow down because it wasn’t going to look pretty trying to stop her. Honestly, she loved pulling us on our skateboards. She was sweet and vicious all in the same day and she was my loyal companion. Truly a great dog to have!

Ethan and Autumn both have a best friend in Skylee. When Duff was still kickin’ he and Skylee were awesome with Ethan too. Autumn and Skylee have really bonded these past few months. Autumn has always enjoyed observing Skylee run around, catch her toys mid-air, roll around, and just about anything else she does. Autumn will giggle and laugh and reach for her. Now that Autumn is mobile, she’ll crawl after Skylee. Skylee will run ahead, stop, and turn around to wait for her. Sometimes she will give Autumn a lick and run ahead. It’s a great game they have.

These days Ethan will usually chase Skylee around the house as if she’s the lion (or whatever the animal of the weeks is for Ethan) that needs to be captured. Skylee is good about it and loves the interaction. She’ll run away and then chase after him. When she’s really good she’ll allow a blanket or two be thrown on her as if she’s being captured by a net.

Fortunately these dogs are all sweet and have no vicious side to them. I think the only time I’ve seen Skylee show any agression toward the kids is when Ethan decided he would jump off his Little Tykes slide directly onto her. She was a bit pissed and deservingly so. Ethan learned his lesson.

Laura and I hope that when Ethan and Autumn look back on their childhood, the dogs will be remembered as being an integral and fun part of it.

Happy Holidays 2010

Happy Holidays to all of our family and friends. We hope you’ve had a great 2010 and wish you the best in 2011.

We thank all of you who have taken the time to get in touch with us or visited our website this past year. It’s been a wonderful first full year in Seattle, Washington. Everyone is doing extremely well. We look forward to many new experiences in 2011. If you’re in the Seattle area, feel free to get in touch.

Happy Holidays 2010

Have Kids, Will Travel

We love to pack up the car and head out for the day or weekend. Laura and I have done it since we’ve known each other and we have continued it with our children. Almost since Ethan and Autumn’s first month of life, we were driving 2 to 4 hours to visit family. Our travels include visiting Oregon every other month (4 hour drive), driving to California from Portland, camping in eastern Oregon, and many many day trips in whatever area we live. In addition to car trips, Ethan has been on four (to and from California) and Autumn on two (to and from Chicago) airplane trips. Through it all our children have done extremely well. We thought we’d share what we learned from our experience to make your journey with your children more enjoyable.

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