It’s a Flower Party

Happy Birthday Autumn

Flowers, flowers, and more flowers brought in the start of Autumn’s third year of life. We celebrated Autumn’s birthday with plenty of laughs, fun, family, and friends. It was a very simple but perfect occasion for Autumn.

From her strawberry cake breakfast to her favorite Caspar Babypants songs, we aimed to make it her day. She did very well and as soon as everyone left around mid afternoon, she dozed off for 2.5 hours. After naps, we went outside and planted some flowers in the rain.  It is such a joy to see your daughter jump into each little activity and enjoy it how in the planning stages you imagined it all. Today marked the first day of another great year for Autumn.

Here are the many ways we themed Autumn’s party with flowers:

  • Flower Invitations: Laura created flower invitations. Each pedal was rotated open to make a flower.
  • Gifts of flowers: We encouraged our family and friends to give gifts of flowers. Autumn enjoys being outside in the garden planting with Mom. Our friends Jill and Rob did this for their daughter’s party and we thought it was a great idea.
Some flowers received at Autumn's party.
Planting flowers


  • Paper mache Flowers: 20+ paper mache flowers of all different colors decorated our house. My mom and Laura spent a bit of time to create these beautiful flowers. They were great to give to guests as they left. Also, they now add a colorful touch to the kid’s room.
Paper mache flowers


  • Painting Flower Pots: A flower party with planting flowers wouldn’t make sense. Each child received a small flower pot to paint. Once the quick dry paint was dry, flowers were potted for each child to take home.
Autumn with her cousin Kaitlyn
Painting flower pots
Planting flowers


  • Pin the bumblebee or ladybug on the flower: Based on the game pin the tail on the donkey, we made a large flower for children to stick bumblebees and ladybugs on. The kid’s loved it.
Autumn pins the bumblebee
Ethan pins the bumblebee
Eli pins the ladybug on his nose.


  • Musical Flowers: Similar to music chairs, but instead we printed off a bunch of flower pictures and laid them on the ground to create a circle. The kids would run, dance, jump around the circle as the music played. When it stopped, the kids quickly got on a flower. We never removed the flowers (like you may do in musical chairs). The children just loved the anticipation of the music stopping.
Musical flowers
Musical flowers


  • Dirt Cake: My wife hit the spot with this cake. This melts in your mouth. It’s awesome. Crumbled Oreo and sweet filling presented in a flower pot with gummy worms. Perfect! The recipe is found here.
Autumn blowing out candles
Dirt cake
Seriously delicious Dirt Cake


  • Strawberry Flower Cake: Breakfast cake is what this was all about. Autumn was so excited for cake that she insisted on eating this cake for her birthday breakfast. Sure, why not! It was strawberry jello/cake with whip cream and fresh strawberries on top. The recipe is here.
Flower cake with strawberries
Autumn helps making the cake
Cake for her birthday breakfast


Here are other photos from Autumn’s great day.

Happy birthday Autumn
Ethan and Autumn
Three generations
Three generations
Autumn and her Aunt Marylynn






Fair Time!

20100828_0332We packed up the family in the ‘ol wagon and headed to the county fair today. This was Ethan and Autumn’s first time visiting a fair and they both enjoyed it. Ethan was determined to find the petting zoo to be able to touch a pig. He loved petting the pig, holding the chicken, and seeing the many other livestock at the fair. He was also able to see vintage tractors, ride a toy tractor, enjoy a roller coaster, munch on a corn dog and cotton candy, watch the lumberjack show, and take in the county fair scene. We’ll be sure to visit next year.
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Ethan’s 3rd Birthday Weekend Festivities

Ethan’s 3rd birthday has come and gone. It was a wonderful weekend, yet alone month, of activities for him to enjoy. I think his 3rd birthday is more of a rite of passage. It’s similar to when a boy becomes a teenager on his 13th birthday. Ethan went from toddler to little boy this year. He’s grown so much physically and emotionally. He is engaged in his surroundings, seeking to explore and find new adventures. He questions the world and why things are the way they are. Of course he is also learning to test his boundaries and seeing how far he can take it. But this only teaches him what is acceptable and not acceptable to his parents, family, friends, and society.

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Happy Holidays from The Holt Family

Happy Holidays!

We want to send all you a warm holiday greeting! We hope your year has been as fulfilling and exciting as it has been for our family.

Some of our highlights include Ethan turning two years old, spending the summer living with Laura’s parents, moving to Seattle, Brett working with the federal government again, multiple trips to California to visit Brett’s family, having Brett’s old punk band doing a reunion show, receiving the news that we are having a little girl due March 24, 2010, and watching Ethan getting excited about Christmas this year. Our year had a bit of sadness as our loyal lab, Duff, passed away. He’s missed by all.

holt-family-2009-holiday-cardHowever you celebrate this time of year, we hope you it do with kindness and an abundance of eggnog. : )

Take care,

Brett, Laura, and Ethan