Our Little Ballerina Performed Four Times Last Weekend [Videos]

Autumn participated in her second season of The Nutcracker this past weekend. She was a Bon Bon and had the best time performing three times last week. She has been working on this performance since early October at her dance school. For kids her age, the Bon Bons are the only option for her in the Nutcracker. As she gets older she can move on to other roles in the show. 

Video: Autumn will pop out from under the dress. She is the 2nd from left side of the screen in a green skirt. 

She loves both her ballet and tap dance. She has now been dancing for almost 4 years, since age 3, at Alderwood Dance Spectrum. She also loves singing so I can see her owning the stage more often as she gets older. 

The Holt Family

The snow won’t stop the show! Heading off to her performance on the first snow day in Seattle.
In addition to performing in The Nutcracker, she also had her Winter Dance Concert to perform in on Sunday. She dressed as a reindeer and did a fun little dance/song. 

Here’s one of her first photos at the age of 3. What a cutie!

Autumn at age 3.
Autumn at age 3.

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