Keep on rockin’ Kyle! You are missed my friend.

My friend Kyle Sasse passed away earlier this year, much too soon for all his friends and family. Unfortunately, I just heard about it but that’s how it goes. I had not seen Kyle since 2009 at the Boy Kicks Girl reunion show pre-party, but we corresponded each year, usually at Christmas. Distance and time will do that to friends. Last I heard from him was in January and he was doing great, even writing a book. 

I met Kyle in 1997 while playing in Boy Kicks Girl. Kyle saw us play at the Cactus Club and he loved the band. He would end up coming to countless shows of ours. From the shows our friendship grew from where we would hang out and just get to know each other on a personal level. He had a HUGE heart and was truly loyal to friends. He was our #1 fan. He was a roadie on our first tour through Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico. He captured some of our most iconic photos on this tour (see below). In 2000, when played in LaCrosse, WI, he had his parents come on out see the band play. Loved that!

Back in San Jose, when I needed a venue to put on shows, he kindly offered his house for touring bands. I don’t know how many bands played at his house during the years, as he took it upon himself to be a promotor, but I’m grateful he opened his house. GOB, Agent 51, Boy Kicks Girl, POPS, HBA, Nothing Substantial, and countless other local and touring bands played at Kyle’s House. He helped San Jose under ground punk stay alive.

I know we hadn’t kept in touch the past few years like back in the band days, but that shouldn’t matter. He was truly an awesome, dedicated friend. He gave it his all when he liked something. Whether renovating his house or supporting local bands, he fully engrossed himself in it. 

Thanks for being such a wonderful person Kyle! You are missed my friend. 

His obituary is at 

1998 Southwest Tour: Kyle relaxes in the van.
Dallas, TX: Kyle, Mark, and Boy Kicks Girl

Kyle enjoying the show at his house
Kyle (left) watches my band play at the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco. Front row was his preferred spot.
Brandon and I enjoying good times with Kyle.
Dancing at New Years Eve Party 2001.
One of our shows at Kyle’s House. 1998.
Agent 51, a huge favorite of Kyle’s, performs at Kyle’s House.
Boy Kicks Girl plays at Kyle’s House.
Canada’s GOB performs at Kyle’s house.
POPS performs at Kyle’s House.
Fans enjoy the show at Kyle’s House.
Boy Kicks Girl - Dallas, TX (1998)
Boy Kicks Girl – Dallas, TX (1998). Kyle took this photo which has been displayed on many websites.
Kyle took this photo of the band in Dallas, TX. I love how it has a faded look on the side.

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  1. This is awesome thanks for sharing Brett! So many memories at Kyles place. Man I had no idea he passed. I wish I knew more about what happened. Thanks for keeping his memory alive! — Chris Agent 51

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