A Perfect Day for 38 Years

Ethan splashes in the ocean

It was my 38th birthday last Friday and we kicked it off with donuts. Donuts and special events go hand in hand in this family. Actually, donuts seem to go well with anything in our family. I even brought in a dozen to work Friday morning to celebrate my birthday. Our Branch has a practice of staff bringing in treats when something good happens. Another great reason my work is awesome!

Beyond enjoying donuts, I worked until noon when Ethan’s kindergarten class was finished. It was another terribly warm 94 degree day in the Seattle area so we hung out inside until early evening.

In the evening we headed out for Mexican food (love it) and then down to Edmonds Beach. We lazily enjoyed the beach while the kids splashed in the water and built sand sculptures.

What’s the perfect way to end the day? Dairy Queen ice cream on our way home from the beach. I had my usual Banana Split Blizzard while Laura indulged in a Butterfinger Blizzard. Perfect.

Before bed I enjoyed reading all the Facebook and email birthday wishes from friends and family from all over. Family and tasty treats were the perfect pair for my 38th birthday!