Days 12, 13: Birthday Celebrations in San Jose

Days 12, 13: San Jose, CA | Total Drive Time: 0 hours | Total Distance: 0 miles

Ethan celebrates!

Our couple days in San Jose were spent celebrating birthdays and relaxing.

Ethan celebrated his 5th Birthday and Laura her 33rd Birthday with my family. We BBQ’d, swam, ate cake and finished off with the pinata. To Ethan’s surprise he received his first bicycle and loved it! All the kids rode their bikes before the evening was over.

Ethan and Autumn also got the chance to play with my childhood G.I. Joe collection. I’d collected Joes most of my childhood. Since then I had boxed up my collection and allowed it to collect dust in the attic. I pulled down the collection and the kids went  giddy with excitement as they played with them for the two days. Before leaving my Mom’s house Ethan chose a few of the toys to bring back home.

The best part of the two days is that Laura and I were able to get away for a few hours and see The Avengers. Good movie.

Tomorrow, we pack up and head to South Lake Tahoe for a few nights of camping with all my family.