Days 9, 10, 11: Catalina Island

Ethan’s first fishing experience

Days 9, 10: Catalina Island | Total Drive Time: 0 hours | Total Distance: 0 miles

Our visit to Catalina Island was relaxing and low key (except the part where we thought my Grandma gave the condo to someone else for the week and we were suppose to leave a day early…but it was a mistake, so we unpacked our bags again). After visiting for a few decades we don’t have a lot of new activities that we plan. We have a routine that we enjoy.

This visit was about showing Autumn and Ethan the simple fun activities to do in Avalon. We spent a lot of time at the beach where they built sand castles and played in the water. We spent Thursday morning walking to the Casino. It’s a great location to view scuba divers, see the Avalon skyline, and take in ocean views. I thoroughly enjoy it out there. On Friday we took the kids for a drive in the golf cart. We headed to Wrigley’s Mansion where there are more wonderful views of Avalon and the surrounding area. A visit in never complete with a stop at the arcade (skeeball anyone?) and a soft serve ice cream cone.

Ethan went fishing for the time on Friday evening. We had brought his fishing pole on this trip but it malfunctioned before our first cast. We bought a drop line and spent a couple hours on the Green Pier enjoying the experience. We caught 5 fish that were put back in the ocean. I have to admit that I did a lot of the work, but he still enjoyed bringing up a fish.

Day 11: Catalina Island to San Jose, CA | Total Drive Time: 9 hours | Total Distance: 360 miles

Saturday morning we were on the 10am boat back to the mainland. We took the I-5 route back to San Jose with minimal traffic. My brother Mike did get in touch with us while approach Gilroy to see if we’d like to stop in for dinner. Of course we’d like to visit. After a short visit we made it home around 8pm.

Have you visited Catalina Island? Do you have any favorite spots?