From Magic School Bus to Astronaut?

Tonight, Ethan dove in to help build his first solar system. He was recently inspired to learn about the planets by the book The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System. As we read the book he was full of question after question. Laura had the good insight to bring the solar system “home” so he could understand it a bit better. She picked up a kit at JoAnn’s today. Can you say super excited? That’s what Ethan was when he was surprised with the solar system kit this evening. We had a great time assembling it and talking about the planets in our solar system.

As with all of his Magic School Bus books, he really gets into them and asks a lot of questions. We love them because they help encourage children to enjoy  the many sides of science. We’re always getting the kids outside to see nature in action, but these projects reinforce ideas (and vice versa). The beauty of the the Magic School Bus books are that  they continue to engage children 20 years later.

Who knows. Perhaps this is where Ethan’s journey to being an astronaut begins.

A favorite book of Ethan's
Ethan's first solar system
Ethan prepares to build his first solar system