Wanna wrastle? [Video]

I wrestled from 1988 to 1994. I did 4 years at Oak Grove High School in San Jose, 1 year at West Valley Community College, and 6 years of freestyle and greco with the Soaring Eagles Wrestling Club. I wasn’t the superstar but I sure didn’t suck. I had a great time competing and pushing myself to do better.

Some stats include league champ (1992), 3rd CCS (1992), state qualifier (1992), and 3rd in greco and 2nd in freestyle at the California State Championship Tournament. My senior of high school I was 40-5 (my best record of any year).

This is a video I made in June 1992 when I graduated from high school. The footage is mostly my junior and senior high school with some freestyle footage. You’ll have to pardon the visual effects, I really enjoyed using all the built-in VCR effects.

Good times!