Seattle World Rhythm Festival at Seattle Center

The 19th Annual Seattle Rhythm was held this weekend at the Seattle Center. We took the opportunity to hear some of the drumming after our morning swim. We went down for the Scottish drum corps but they cancelled at the last minute. Nonetheless, we enjoyed hearing drumming and watching dances from various cultures. The kids enjoyed all the different styles of drums and costumes. Though we only saw a few of the acts, it’s worth a visit next year.

In addition to the festival, we strolled around the Seattle Center where we saw the almost complete Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum. That’s looks fantastic. View the photos and link below. The kids also picked up a couple of balloon swords from a nearby vendor. $1 balloon swords = Tons of children fun.

This type of festival is another reason why we love this area so much! There is always something unique being offered for the family.

Danza Quetzalcoatl de Olympia Danza Quetzalcoatl de Olympia: Aztec Dance

Wild Ginger Drum Group
Eddyville African Eagles
Watching the drums outside
What kid doesn’t love a good water fountain?
Chihuly Glass and Garden
Chihuly Glass and Garden
Chihuly Glass and Garden
Autumn is ready to get home and nap!



2 thoughts on “Seattle World Rhythm Festival at Seattle Center”

  1. I remeber our trip to WA a few years back. That fountain was Matthew’s favorite part of the trip. He rolled up his pants and ran around like there was no tomorrow. We got some awesome photos! WA is a beautiful place to visit in the summer. 🙂

    1. That is a great fountain Stephanie. Laura has been there during the warm sunny days and the kids love running through it. The Seattle Center is a great area to stroll around. 

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