Hiking Season has arrived! First Stop: Lord Hill Regional Park


With the sun shining a bit more than usual, and the temperatures staying above 55 a tad longer, the family is more inclined to hit the trail more frequently. On a favorable hiking day, we tend to do 2-4 mile hikes with the kids. Those miles don’t always work well in the winter or rainy days unless you want to deal with crying, cold kids who never want to hike again. On the other hand, we continue to “break” them in with mild easy hikes that leave them wanting more.

For our first hike of our official hiking season, we headed to a new spot called Lord Hill Regional Park. The park is a vast 1,300 acres, of which we only experienced a small portion of it, nestled between Snohomish and Monroe. We hiked out to a vista point where we enjoyed a late morning lunch and a glimpse of the Snohomish Valley. Since we did our usual early morning start we saw very few people on our hike out, during lunch, and most the way back. The perk with an early morning is that the kids rarely ever fight their afternoon naps.

Next week, we’re hitting another new spot in the Snohomish County Parks System.

Starting our hike
Autumn needs a little assistance down the path.
Ethan enjoys his hiking days!
Post-lunch photo op
Ethan draws in his journal
Autumn decides to enjoy riding on Laura
Heading back to the car
Ethan shows us how fast he can make it across the boardwalk
Autumn points to something interesting on the trail
End of the line