8 Years of Awesomeness…and Dove Chocolates and Journals and Road Trips and HAPPINESS!

Olympic National Park (October 2011)

It’s been a wonderful…no wait, it’s been an awesome eight years of being married to the most amazing woman in the world! I’m constantly in awe at all the experiences we’ve done in our short time together (~10 years from the day we met). Peace Corps, hiking, moving, kids, graduate school, New York, National Parks, teaching, community gardens, Hranush Dermoyan, road trips, and so much more.

I’m very proud to call Laura my wife and look forward to the future as we continue to share our life together, lean on each other during the tough times, look to each other for support, hug each other in celebration of our success, and snuggle in front a good movie.

Many years from now,
We’ll look back on this crazy time
in our life together
and wonder how we did it all…
and then, those ordinary, everyday moments
that we often take for granted
will shimmer like stars
as we recount them…
I’ll sit close beside you,
you’ll take my hand in yours.
We’ll look at each other and say:
“I’d do it all again…
and I wouldn’t change a thing.”
~ Author Unknown

Today, Laura found a journal we use to send each other during our first year of dating. We did the long distance relationship thing and found joy in sending this journal to each other each month so that we could remember the little things. Here a few of the items we included that made us smile as we looked through it.

It's official...Laura gave me her number and thought I'd never call. 2 days later....
Of course we both held on tight to those numbers because there was something special there.
In the beginning we did a lot of great road trips. This was our first to Missoula, MT.
And on those long road trips we played games...like who can keep the chocolate in their mouth the longest. Laura rules at it!
A momento from a mexican restaurant we visited on our first date. Last summer we visited the restaurant again with our children.

This is what love looks like!

Happy visit to Death Valley National Park (February 2004)
Happy visit to Death Valley National Park (February 2004)



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  1. Warmest congratulations! You are a testiment to building a strong relationship that compliments each of your lives and makes you stronger as a couple than you would be as an individuals. The pictures of your travels, the activities you do with the kids, just the idea of the journal above, show how much effort happiness takes. Marriage is never easy but the effort you both put forward and the way you engage life as a family is a great reminder for us to invest in our own family. Once again, congratulations on the 8 years and wishing that year 9 is even better yet!

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