Pumpkin Picking Season Arrives!

Picking out a pumpkin at Craven Farm.

Sorry Christmas tree farms, you don’t have a thing on today’s pumpkin patch. Don’t get me wrong. I love Christmas and will always select my Christmas tree from a tree farm or a national forest, but it’s kind of a boring experience to go and cut a tree. I agree that just selecting a pumpkin is boring. That’s how I did it as a kid. But today’s pumpkin patch visit is more than selecting a pumpkin. It’s about an entertaining experience that captures a bit of the farm life. Craven Farm in Snohomish, Washington offered us that experience.

On Sunday morning, we made the trek to Craven Farm. It’s not a far drive for us so we took the country roads to the farm rather than the I-5 (that was the return trip home). We arrived as they opened to avoid crowds. After grabbing a wagon we headed to the patch to select our pumpkins. Ethan was all about “huge” pumpkins this year so we grabbed a couple of those. He helped Autumn get a nice Autumn size pumpkin.

Fire Away!

After dropping the pumpkins off in the car, we explored some of the other activities offered on the farm. The kids explored all the exhibits for children. There’s a fishing boat, pirate ship, tractor, and more. We strolled through the animal farm which is mostly viewing only but a fun time nonetheless. We paid a dollar for the opportunity to sling shot three small pumpkins into the field. Ethan loved it. We finished off the day with a tractor hay ride through the corn field. With only 6 of us on the ride, we were able to stretch our legs while viewing the Halloween displays in the corn fields. The one activity we opted out was the corn maze. We’ll wait for the kids to be a bit older.

We finished the day with an apple cider, pumpkin spiced latte, and a couple Halloween cookies for the kids. Next  year at this time, you’ll find us once again in rural Snohomish County.

Showing off their pumpkins at home