Boardman Lake on the Mountain Loop Highway

Life’s simple pleasures!

In the San Francisco Bay Area, I cut my teeth hiking in the coastal redwood forest. As a resilient species that deserves respect,  I found solace in their beauty and sheer presence.  They will always be my favorite, especially those found at Sanborn County Park, but cedar and hemlock have a unique beauty that shouldn’t be ignored. They are the giants in the western Cascades.

The more I hike in the Cascade Mountains the more I appreciate western hemlock and western red cedar found on the western slopes of Cascade Mountains. These are the forests that Ethan and Autumn will cut their teeth on and learn about the natural environment.

Our weekend hike to Boardman Lake, a few miles south of the Mountain Loop Highway on the Mt. Baker-Snohomish National Forest, offered a hike through the giants. It’s only one mile and a few hundred feet eleveation gain and great for kids. Ethan took his time to the lake as he explored mushrooms, spider webs, and large fallen cedar trees. Autumn yapped, or yelled at times, as we made our to the lake.

Within an hour we were at the lake. The views were gorgeous and lake very peaceful. We enjoyed lunch and, afterwards, the kids threw rocks in the lake. I think the best part on this hike was that we never saw a soul until noon when we were heading back down the trail. Not bad for a weekend hike.

Enjoy the photos!

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