A Bedroom Fit for a 4-Year Old

I recently read this article about where children sleep throughout the world. WOW! It just makes me happy we can provide the essentials and a bit extra for our kids. Of course, some of the children in the photos have a lot of extras. I thought we’d share Ethan’s bedroom to show how we live and provide for our 4-year old. It’s not to flaunt but rather to show a different perspective.

We updated his room a couple weeks ago and just finished with most of the finishing touches. The reason for the updates goes like this: Autumn learned to climb out of her crib which meant she was done with the crib and needed a bed, she would get Ethan’s old mattress so Ethan needed a new mattress and we were already planning on getting him new furniture, we found a great bunk bed set but it was to big for his room so he and Autumn switched, and now Ethan has Autumn’s old room (which was actually his first room when we moved in) and Autumn is in Ethan’s old room. Whew! And we did all that in one weekend.

Our approach to his room is simple:  Keep the room simple and functional! The bunk bed allows friends to sleep over and for Autumn to have a bed so she can allow guests to sleep in her bed. Ethan’s only toys are on one shelf. Otherwise, all his toys are in the family room where we spend most our time. Decorate with pictures that have some significance for him. Allow him to grow into it.

The verdict: Ethan loves it! He plays in his room on his “fire rescue boat” more than ever. Enjoy the photos.

Ethan loves his lights at night.
Ethan wakes up from his afternoon nap with a bed full of family!
The train picture comes from Brett's family. Simple closet curtains allows a bit more room for a small space.
His collection of important items. The box was Brett's from his childhood.
Laura and Brett's mom made the valence to match a variety of room colors.
A picture that Ethan painted hangs in his bedroom.
Photos from Ethan's first couple weeks of life has been hanging in his room since his first couple weeks of life.
Ethan can look up at his pictures above since we hung up a piece plastic that allows us to change the photos periodically.
All kids love a bunk bed.
Ethan's only toys in his room fall in line behind Snoopy. Snoopy comes from Uncle Mark's childhood.
Radio Flyer lamp adds a unique boy touch to Ethan's room

5 thoughts on “A Bedroom Fit for a 4-Year Old”

  1. This is such a great room!  I also have a question.
    I am trying to make a tractor costume for my 2 year old and the costume you made is the best I have seen.  Do you have any helpful tips you would be willing to share on how you made it?  Thank you.Jen

    1. Jen…thanks for visiting our website. The biggest tip is finding a box that fits your child perfectly. If it’s too big then you’ll find that it wobbles a lot and he/she can’t get around as easily. Along those lines, we used small pieces of strings for his straps. Really find the perfect spot for him/her so that it sits high and perfect. To glue all the pieces we used a hot glue gun which worked great. . If you’d like you can see more photos of the tractor costume on our Flickr page http://www.flickr.com/photos/resqbrett/sets/72157625483237314/. I hope that helps.Type your reply…

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