Welcome to Yellowstone National Park

Welcome to Yellowstone National Park
Welcome to Yellowstone National Park
Holt Family at Yellowstone National Park

Day 7: We said our good-byes to Scottie and his family and made our to Yellowstone National Park. Our route took us through Cody, Wyoming which seemed like a nice town. I don’t know much about Buffalo Bill but he’s big around these parts. There is a huge museum in Cody that is all about him.

We arrived at the East Entrance around 1pm. The drive from Cody through Shoshone National Forest to the East Entrance is a must for park visitors. It’s just a scenic drive with great views. As we got out for our typical family picture in front of the National Park sign, a visitor let us know that we could view a moose on the other side of the street. Of course we delayed the sign photo for a view of the moose. We did catch a glimpse of the moose as we wandered from the meadow into the woods. Later we would learn that a moose sighting in Yellowstone is very rare. There are only about 200 moose in the park so count yourself lucky if you see one.

Yes, there is a moose in this picture.

On our way to our campsite we enjoyed lunch along Yellowstone Lake. The lake is a spectacular site. It is huge and partly surrounded by mountains on the east side. We stopped by Fish Bridge Visitor Center to find out how Ethan could become a Junior Park Ranger. For his age he was given an animal identification guide. For each animal on the guide that sees he gets 10 points. If he earns 70 points then he can receive a Junior Ranger sticker. For an official Junior Ranger badge, he would need to be 5 years old and complete more activities.

We set up camp at Bridge Bay Campground. The campground is along Yellowstone Lake and offers some great views of the lake. We chose to explore the campground by bike and hit the big sites tomorrow.