Spokane, WA: A Walk Down Memory Lane

Kids Reading
Kids Reading
Ethan (left) and Autumn (right) enjoy some reading quiet time.

Up at 6am (thanks Autumn!) and on the road by 9. Everyone pulled their weight to load the last few items before saying goodbye to Seattle. Ethan made sure to give a wave good-bye to the Space Needle as we drove on by.

Our first leg of the trip is from Seattle to Spokane. Spokane not only offers a nice easy drive before we visit Glacier National Park but is also where Laura lived for four years while attending Whitworth College. She completed her degree in May 2002 and hasn’t visited since. She was excited to see the area again, especially visit the Whitworth College campus.

Our drive to Spokane was uneventful. We didn’t expect much from it though. We did a lunch stop around 11am where we all enjoyed watching the wind turbines and filled our gas tank at Moses Lake. We enjoyed our “Country Songs for Laura” and “Good Music” playlist while the kids ate food, read books, ate food, drew pictures, ate food, or slept.

In Spokane we immediately drove to our motel near Whitworth. Our plan of action was to get the kids in their swim trunks and in the pool. When I asked the motel receptionist where the pool was at, I was amused when she replied “It’s around the corner behind the building, but it’s doesn’t really seem like a good day to swim.” I guess she hasn’t been living in 50-60 degree rainy weather for the past six months. Spokane weather was perfect and a dip in the pool met all of our needs.

We followed up with a hearty Mexican meal at Rancho Chico. This is a venue that Laura frequented often while living here. It hit the spot.

We completed our day with a beautiful evening stroll across Whitworth College campus. Laura reminisced about her time here while Ethan asked questions. Ethan’s favorite part of the visit was seeing all the large trees and large open grass areas on campus. Autumn just took it all in and ran and ran

We’ll be up bright and early again tomorrow. Before heading out to West Glacier, Montana, we’ll stop downtown so Ethan can enjoy a slide on the World’s Largest Radio Flyer Wagon slide in Riverfront Park.

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  1. I am so impressed by your preparation of your kids for this trip. Ours really don’t look at their books long enough to get a picture! Skylie is one of the gang yet again and is having fun barking along with the other dogs. Glad you’re having fun!! And thank you 🙂

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