Carkeek Park is a Fantastic Outdoor Experience for Kids

Autumn at the Carkeek Park Beach in Seattle
Autumn enjoying the beach at Carkeek Park

A good friend of Laura’s recommended visiting Seattle’s Carkeek Park a couple months ago. After her first visit with the kids during one of her weekday outtings, she came home and told me that I’ve got to see this park. It’s fantastic!

We’ve since been to this great park in north Seattle four times. It offers all the fun a kid could want in a park: swings, Salmon slide, lots of hiking trails, big grassy area, beach access, viewing platform for the trains, and more. The key part of this park is, by design, you can teach about how a watershed works. There are interpretive signs and plenty of viewing areas of the creeks. I think everyone who visits will agree that the views of the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound from all areas are spectacular.

Ethan and Autumn have enjoyed the South Ridge Trail hike. It offers a couple fun bridges, plenty of flora to view, trees to climb in and around, and nice views of the forest canopy. It’s only 2 miles or so and we’ve been able to do it in an hour with Ethan and his trusty explore pack.

If you’re in the area we recommend stopping by Carkeek Park for a few hours. Your kids will love you for it.