Cousins Duet [Video]

Ethan and Kaitlyn rockin' and rollin'
Ethan and Kaitlyn rockin' and rollin'

Ethan and Autumn’s cousins, Kaitlyn and Emily, came for a visit this evening. All day Ethan kept asking when his cousins would be here. We started at about 7 hours or so and worked our way down. When they finally arrived he screamed out loud in excitement, threw the front door open, and ran out to greet them. Needless to say they had a great time playing in the dirt, swinging, throwing the ball for Skylee, playing in the dirt, going down the slide, playing in the dirt, and playing in the dirt. There’s a theme going on here.

After their baths Ethan and Kaitlyn sat down for music time. This is the first time both had cousins were able to play in the same “band”. They were very cute and had a lot of fun while performing.

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