Visit to Seattle’s Museum of Flight = F.U.N.

We took our first visit to Seattle’s Museum of Flight a couple weeks ago when Laura’s sister Marylynn came up for the weekend. Since Boeing has its headquarters in the Seattle area, we hear a lot about what’s going in the aviation world. It only seemed fitting to visit this museum to learn more about aviation history.

20110416_2983The museum has wonderful displays of airplanes from all decades. The main display room catches your eye with the number of aiplanes suspended from the ceiling and on the ground. You can’t go in any of these but they are still great to walk around. Ethan and Autumn enjoyed the Kids Flight Zone where they could sit inside a couple prop planes, use the foot pedals, sit in a helicopter, practice controlling a hot air balloon, and steering a hang glider. There were a lot of activities for kids. I personally enjoyed the display room where all the classic WWII airplanes were located. They created WWII and tried to capture the period that they would have been flown.

20110416_3036The highlight for us was getting to walk into a full size Air Force One and Concord. They were set up across the street from the indoor display areas. They tours were quick but allowed us to see how small/big the planes were and what type of amenities were on them. Air Force One was used by Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon. The Concorde is the only one on the West Coast.

I highly recommend a visit to this museum for anyone coming to the Seattle area. Learn more about the museum by visiting