Seattle Sounders: Ethan and Autumn’s First Football Match

Ethan and Autumn experienced their first football match, I mean soccer game, today. The family had the opportunity to watch the Seattle Sounders, our local professional team, play against Chicago Fire at Qwest Field. Laura and I thought it would be a good experience for Ethan to see a professional soccer game since he starts his first soccer season in a few weeks. In preparation for today’s game we showed Ethan a few YouTube highlights of the Sounders and bought each of the kids a Sounders shirt the night before the game. It’s cheaper to get shirts at Fred Meyer than at the game.

20110408_2908We headed out about 11:15am to ensure enough time to catch the 11:40am train in Edmonds. We had never taken the train downtown so this was an experience for everyone. It was great. Parking was free, the train ride was smooth and comfortable, and we were dropped off right in front of the stadium.

We breezed into the stadium with bags full of warm clothes, water, and lots of snacks. Ethan didn’t know what to expect so he just took it all in and observed everything. We sat in the family section because of the no alcohol policy. The seats were great. They were elevated so they offered a good view of the entire field, the band was nearby for our listening pleasure, and we were located close to the exit for a quick get a way at the end of the game.

Both kids did great for two hours of the game. The Sounders won 2-1 so that also made it a more enjoyable experience. We look forward to another game later this summer.