No Snow? No problem. Our Sledding Adventure.


After enjoying a great day in the snow last weekend, we thought we’d give it another try today. The difference between the two weekends is that we bought the “Blue Bomber” sled for the kids last Thursday and would take it on its inaugural run!

We first thought we head up I-90 and find a spot at one of the sno-parks. After doing some online research we found that it would cost us between $20-$40. Since our kids don’t last long in the cold, we opted against paying that much for 30 minutes or less. We decided on Deer Creek Trailhead along the Mountain Loop Highway in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. We visited this area on a couple occasions last October but never in the winter.

Sledding at Deer CreekWe arrived bright and early around 9:30am at the trailhead and observed very. little. snow. Hmmm. The snow that existed was pretty much slush and ice. There were plenty of bare spots in the area from the snow melting away after a few warm days in the Puget Sound area. We couldn’t go further up the Mountain Loop Highway because it’s closed past this point for the winter. Oh…and it was raining, not snowing, steadily. As Laura and I surveyed the area  we thought “What the heck! Our kids only need a little incline and speed and they’ll be happy.” Laura attached Autumn to her front side and Ethan and I headed up the road to scope out a good sledding route.

Sledding at Deer CreekI located a route that, if you avoided the tire ruts exposing the rock on the road and the Dr. Pepper cans in the parking lot from some previous trailhead users, it would suffice and allow us maximum distance. I could have gone up further but decided it was best to keep Ethan away from the spent shotgun shells and shot clays pieces scattered around. I tell ya, this place was just pure heaven. Just an oasis out in the forest.

Sledding at Deer CreekAfter about 25 minutes of sledding for everyone, we wrapped it up with lunch in the back of the Subaru. Ethan and Autumn were smiling and giggling the whole time we were sledding today. Ethan never complained and just loved being able to ride the Blue Bomber. It just shows that kids really do enjoy the simple things in life, though he was very curious about the used shotgun shells. Why go extravagant when you could provide them with a sledding experience in trash. : )

Watch Ethan, Autumn, and Brett in action!

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  1. glad to hear you all had a good time. sorry we couldn’t join you. it is amazing how a little simple fun is all that’s needed sometimes!

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